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As an experienced voice in the realm of business growth and corporate leadership, I specialise in delivering speaking engagements that fuse 30 years of diverse industry experience with contemporary topics like AI and automation in sales and marketing.

My speeches are meticulously designed to inspire, educate, and provoke thoughtful discussion, focusing on the integration of advanced technologies in business strategies and marketing.

My Speaking Engagements Include:

1. AI and Automation in Sales and Marketing:

- Cutting-Edge Practices: Exploring how AI and automation are revolutionizing sales and marketing, offering insights into the latest tools and techniques.

- Practical Applications: Demonstrating how businesses can implement AI and automation to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.

2. Business Strategy in the Digital Era:

- Strategic Adaptation: Discussing strategies for businesses to adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

- Leveraging Technology for Growth: How to effectively integrate technology into business models for enhanced competitiveness and innovation.

3. Comprehensive Marketing Strategies:

- Holistic Marketing Approaches: Offering insights into developing comprehensive marketing strategies that align with overall business goals.

- Digital Marketing Trends: Delving into the latest trends in digital marketing, from social media strategies to content marketing and beyond.

4. Engaging and Interactive Sessions:

- Audience Participation: Fostering a dynamic atmosphere with interactive Q&A sessions, encouraging audiences to engage with the topics actively.

- Thought-Provoking Discussions: Stimulating in-depth discussions on the impact of AI and digital transformation in various business sectors.

5. Real-World Examples and Case Studies:

- Success Stories and Lessons Learned: Sharing real-world scenarios and case studies where AI and strategic planning have significantly impacted business outcomes.

- Navigating Challenges: Providing insights on overcoming the challenges and pitfalls in implementing AI and digital strategies.

6. Actionable Takeaways and Inspiration:

- Practical Frameworks and Tools: Ensuring each attendee leaves with actionable frameworks and tools they can apply to their business strategies.

- Inspiring Innovation and Change: Motivating attendees to embrace new technologies and strategies to drive their businesses forward.

My speaking engagements are more than just presentations; they are immersive experiences designed to equip business professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders with the knowledge and tools to excel in an increasingly fast moving and complex world.

I am committed to delivering content that is not only informative but also deeply relevant and immediately applicable in today's fast-paced business environment.

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CIMA Qualified
Digital Marketer Certified Partner
Certified Head of Marketing
Certified Digital Marketing Strategist
AdSkills Certified Media Buyer
Growth Marketing Conerence
Certified Funnel Builder
Qualified EPIC Investor
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Fellow of Royal Geographic Society
Qualified BASI Ski Instructor
Certified AI Consultant
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